• 2017

    Hello Again

    The best laid plans…..or so it goes.  Once upon a time, I had a dream, and lofty goals and great plans.  And then life turned upside down and nothing went as planned, and for awhile, everything turned to shit.  Right now I am not ready to go in to the thick of it, but it is getting better.  Slowly I can once again feel the ground beneath my feet and while I am slowly beginning to feel that yearning and longing for those dreams again, I am certainly no longer the Lori Lynn of March 2016.  Once upon a time I foolishly thought I had it figured out, and then…

  • 2014

    April 27 2014 – Sky Dancer – Watch a Painting Come to Life

    April 27 2014 Sky Dancer – Watch the Painting Come to Life   Sky Dancer – 16 x 20 inches. Cradled Birch Panel. SOLD I have recently completed this new painting of a livley spirited owl.  I took photos along the way of the progress of this painting and I thought everyone would like a glimpse in to the process of creating a new painting.   Step 1 Draw in, then block in with some watery paint the initial image on to a toned cradled birch panel.   Step 2 I begin to work on adding a background.  Sometimes I do this before blocking in the layout for a painting, but…

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  • 2011

    April 20 2011 – Bedtime Doodles

    April 20 2011 Bedtime Doodles I doodled out this picture  last night before bed.  I love it and it is just screaming to be made in to an actual painting.  It reminds me of some sort of fantastical oceanic creature.  I have a perfect background for it, one of the cradled birch panels I have been making layers on.    Below is the beginnings of the painting I began working on at 5am this morning.  Just thought I would quickly post this so I will have time to  get a layer of color on it before I have to leave for my day job. Mornings seem to be my most alert…

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