April 25 2011 – Spring Is In The Air

April 25 2011

Spring Is In The Air

I have finally completed editing and uploading my first edited video to YouTube. 

My most humble respect goes to those who edit and upload videos on a regular basis.  It truly was a long weekend project in every way.  Hopefully with a large chunk of my learning curve out of the way my next video will not take me three days to complete.  (And the video is only 5 minutes long!)

Now that that is out of the way, I can spend my final day of this beautiful long weekend making some art!  Just 9 more days until I leave on my adventure to see Aaron.  I am getting so excited to see him, and so excited to have my first real vacation in forever. 

Andrew and I spent some time at the park with Daisy yesterday and while we were walking we saw the Easter Bunny!  Well, ok, it was just a regular bunny running through the bush, but it was Easter Sunday after all.  We spent time playing on the swings and in the sand.  It was a wonderful afternoon. 

I did not have a great deal of success with the Polycolor or the CarbOthello pencils on my page.  The gel medium and acrylics on the page were not the best substrate for these beautiful pencils.  I will continue to play with them and share my experiences. 

So at last, here is the video!

Spring Is In The Air