• DIY Upcycled Painted Denim Earrings MyPaintedPath.com
    2018,  Adventures in Creativity,  Crafty

    New Video Tutorial – Easy UpCycled Painted Denim Earrings

    New Video Tutorial – Reclaimed Denim Earrings – a fun and easy DIY project The latest project up on my YouTube channel will have you crafting and upcycling some amazing, colorful and SUPER EASY DIY earrings.  I think my favorite by far is the watercolory (yup, that is a word, I just made it up)  fringe earrings, but I am thrilled with how all of them turned out.  I think are not only a great craft project for kids, teens and the young at heart, but would also be a great item to craft up to sell at markets and fairs.  My niece has already gotten her hands on the…

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  • It is time to let go
    2017,  Mixed Media Love

    What the Heck is Mixed Media?

    What exactly is Mixed Media? Mixed media is a VERY broad term in visual arts that means an artwork that has been created with more than one medium (material). Mixed media art has been my passion since I first began playing with paint and my creativity ten years ago.  I do create exclusively acrylic artworks, but I must admit, I am most free and blissed out when I am playing with mixed media.  The very best way I can describe mixed media to you is that it is making art WITHOUT all of the uppity, snooty, fine art rules.  Mixed media as an art practice means playing, experimenting and getting…

  • Introducing Adventures in Creativitiy
    2017,  Adventures in Creativity,  Getting Started Series

    Join Me on a Creative Adventure (Free E-Series)

    Do you want to join me on a creative adventure? It is my birthday today, but I want to give a gift to you! The Creative Adventures are underway! I have been busy preparing a series of FREE videos for those preparing to go on a creative adventure with me, I will be offering workshops and tutorials starting very soon (I have already filmed the first one (wink)). I will be making these available on my YouTube channel. You can subscribe to it by clicking here, and subscribe to my email list and Facebook page while you are at it so you do not miss out on any of the…

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