• 2018

    Creating a New Whole

    I took a little break to focus on school and reevaluate.  I hit a wall, I was trying to do more than I was able to handle.  I thought it would be a couple of weeks, but it turned into an amazing three months.  Since returning to painting after a year and half, I realized that not only have my skills suffered, but I was no longer the same person that suddenly became unable to paint in 2016.  I felt lost and confused.  I could not just jump back into things.  The “style” in which I had been painting was no longer interesting me.  The goals I had set myself…

  • 2011

    May 13 2011 – Road Trip

    May 13 2011 Road Trip! I have decided to give myself a goal of blogging for 31 days. I have been so inspired by Samantha Kira, Willowing and Effie and their 31 day of Vlogging. Be sure to check them out and see just what I am talking about. Last night I returned from my holiday to Abbotsford, BC. My oldest son Aaron lives in Mission (just outside of Abbotsford) with his dad. I decided it was time to be proactive and stop pouting about how much I miss him and go visit him for a weekend. It took me 3 days to travel each way, and I had to…

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