May 13 2011 – Road Trip

May 13 2011

Road Trip!

I have decided to give myself a goal of blogging for 31 days. I have been so inspired by Samantha Kira, Willowing and Effie and their 31 day of Vlogging. Be sure to check them out and see just what I am talking about.

Last night I returned from my holiday to Abbotsford, BC. My oldest son Aaron lives in Mission (just outside of Abbotsford) with his dad. I decided it was time to be proactive and stop pouting about how much I miss him and go visit him for a weekend. It took me 3 days to travel each way, and I had to fight my fear of city driving and long distance driving ( I am terribly night blind and can only drive during daylight hours, of which we have very little here in the winter months). However; the journey was soooo very worth it. It was both a bittersweet journey and an amazing adventure for me. I have never driven past Prince George, nor have I driven in a city bigger than Prince George. I live in a “one light” town. Really, we have one set of street lights and one crosswalk light that really only blinks 24/7. Twice along the way, I went off the beaten trail and took the long way. I used my RoadAtlas and let my inner navigation lead me in the areas I was uncertain in. My inner compass proved to be far more effective than trying to decifer vague and incomplete city maps. A good lesson learned; to trust my inner voice and listen.

I braved the Coquihalla highway to visit Kamloops along the way. I have never been to Kamloops before, and after getting lost for 2 hours looking for my hotel room, ended up having no time to really check it out before it was dark.

While I have lots to share with you about my trip, I will spread it out over the weekend and share with you some of the photos from on my way down and a couple of pieces of penwork I during my holiday.

Here are a few images of some lovely textures i saw along the way there and a couple of sketches.  More photos to come tomorrow!