• 2016

    Sparks, Dreams and Inspiration

    Today was a play day.  You could have called it a work day, but it was one of those days when I was so engaged in what I was doing that it felt more like play.  I love days like those! I spent the day planning for our move.  I started by making a rough cardboard model of my new tiny home/studio.  I want to make sure that I can easily fit and function in a 8 x 16 foot tiny space.  Building a model allows me to play with window placement, getting an idea of where my work spaces will be to maximize natural lighting,  to plan out my…

  • 2011

    May 13 2011 – Road Trip

    May 13 2011 Road Trip! I have decided to give myself a goal of blogging for 31 days. I have been so inspired by Samantha Kira, Willowing and Effie and their 31 day of Vlogging. Be sure to check them out and see just what I am talking about. Last night I returned from my holiday to Abbotsford, BC. My oldest son Aaron lives in Mission (just outside of Abbotsford) with his dad. I decided it was time to be proactive and stop pouting about how much I miss him and go visit him for a weekend. It took me 3 days to travel each way, and I had to…

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  • 2011

    April 25 2011 – Suzi Says So

    I am an Artist, Suzi says so….and so do I Suzi Blu, one of my all time favorite mixed media artist/blogger/teacher’s is having a contest.  Suzi Blu was there during a difficult time for me a few years ago, and her inspiring videos encouraged me to embrace art and celebrate myself. If you are not familiar with Suzi and her merry band of puppies, you must stop by her site (click here) and check it out. Thank you Suzi, you truly have been a blessing!

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