• 2011

    April 22 2011 – Doodle De Jour

    April 22 2011 Doodle de Jour I am at a point of frustration with my current work in progress.  I am struggling with getting the kind of detail I want in my line work and it is so difficult with a paintbrush and paint.  It does not compare to my wonderful zebra pen on paper.  I think I should just work with what I have and stop giving myself the expectation that it should look like pen on paper does.  Maybe I will order some black Golden Airbrush fluid and see if it makes a difference.  I have tried my acrylic inks, but they just do not offer the intensity…

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  • 2011

    April 20 2011 – Bedtime Doodles

    April 20 2011 Bedtime Doodles I doodled out this picture  last night before bed.  I love it and it is just screaming to be made in to an actual painting.  It reminds me of some sort of fantastical oceanic creature.  I have a perfect background for it, one of the cradled birch panels I have been making layers on.    Below is the beginnings of the painting I began working on at 5am this morning.  Just thought I would quickly post this so I will have time to  get a layer of color on it before I have to leave for my day job. Mornings seem to be my most alert…

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