What the Heck is Mixed Media?

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What exactly is Mixed Media?

Mixed media is a VERY broad term in visual arts that means an artwork that has been created with more than one medium (material). Mixed media art has been my passion since I first began playing with paint and my creativity ten years ago.  I do create exclusively acrylic artworks, but I must admit, I am most free and blissed out when I am playing with mixed media.  The very best way I can describe mixed media to you is that it is making art WITHOUT all of the uppity, snooty, fine art rules.  Mixed media as an art practice means playing, experimenting and getting lost in your creativity.  You can follow me along on my mixed media art adventures; watching how I work, learning the tools I use and hearing my suggestions for the limited “rules” I give myself when I create in a mixed media format, but ultimately the journey is personal and it will be different for everyone.

Mixed media is color, and texture, and depth, and touching the artwork, and thinking outside the box, and oh so many, many things.

Finding My Wings – Copyright Lori Lynn Fell 2017

Mixed Media is EXCITING

Mixed media is exciting! It means never doing the same thing twice, never really knowing what you will end up with, growing as a creator and having fun.   Mixed media is now being explored by scrapbook artists, it has become its very own “genre” of journaling, it can be incorporated into sculpture, collage, fabric arts and yes, fine art.  Because there are no “rules”, the possibilities are endless! Type “mixed media” in to your browsers search engine and be prepared to be amazed.

  • Take a canvas; apply some paper to it, glue it down with some gel medium and wash some color over it and …BAMM…you have created a mixed media artwork.
  • Grab an old apron, glue some gems to it…BAMM…you now have a mixed media apron!
  • Add some gold leaf to a print or a photo…BAMM…mixed media!
  • Have some watercolor paper on hand?  Get a stencil, spread some texture paste or gel medium on it, add some stamps on the page….BAMM…MIXED MEDIA!  Now do some sketching on top of it all and sand some of it back, and drip some wet paint on it…..whoa, yeah baby, mixed media on fire 🙂

Mixed Media is a Playground

Mixed media is a playground. It is my therapy.  It is a place for me to pour out my soul and let the stress of life float away.  Mixed media is for EVERYONE. If you have not already joined in the fun, make sure to check out the FREE Adventures in Creativity Workshop series on my YouTube Channel.  Click here for the links to join in on the adventures.

bad phone photo of “House Hunting” copyright Lori Lynn Fell 2017

Woo Hoo!

It is not even close to perfect, but the site rebuild is nearing completion and I am SO happy!  Changing the site will allow me to bring you great new features in the future and there are BIG things in the works for My Painted Path.  This spring I will have workbooks and courses available on the site.  And some of them will be FREEBIES!  It is going to be AMAZING!

I have been studying, planning and working like a mad woman for the past few weeks.  I think it may actually be beginning to leak out of my brain at this point and I am going to try to give myself a day off tomorrow.

It is only 6 weeks now until I will officially be done with my regular employment and will begin the journey of fulfilling a few more of my biggest dreams.  I LOVE the process of reaching my goals almost as much as I love hitting them.  The only art making I have managed in the past couple of weeks has been more of a vision painting that I am creating for myself to help keep me focused on the hard work and the rewards ahead.

Tuesday, February 2nd  we will be making  “String Art Hearts” at Whimsy’s Creativity Class.  I can not wait to see what INCREDIBLE creations everyone will come up with this time.  Here are a few shots of the AWESOMENESS our creative Goddesses made with wood slices at the last class.



Until next time!