May 22 2011 – Production Line

May 22 2011

Production Line

Apparentley the regeneration I needed was creativity.  Last night I decided to start on the handmade business cards I wanted to make for the Art Walk, and well, at 6 am I forced myself to go to bed.  Sometimes art just does that to me, it wraps me, envelopes me, pushes and drives me.

I did manage to sleep until noon, and as soon as I got up I remembered my awesome project, put on some coffee and dove right back in.  It is pouring rain outside today, so all of my outdoor weekend plans have been put aside and the production line is in full force.

Here are a few shots of what I have so far.  I am making 125 of these and will mount them on ATC sized corrugated cardbord (yep, gotta cut those out too).   and I am already sure they are totally worth all of the work.

Warning, I am including a shot of what happens to my desk when the creative frenzy takes over. 🙂  This is precisly the reason that I cover my work area in freezer paper and why my walls, my coffee cups, my fingernails and everything else end up covered in a layer of paint.  Ahh, such a beautiful mess (at least to me).

Have a beautiful productive day, or find your own way to regenerate.

PS: please excuse the spelling, openoffice will not open for some reason and my blog editor has no spell checker, I will have to look into it later.

May 21 2011

Down Time

Not much done in the way of art today.  I have been fighting with allergies and lack of sleep.  Hopefully a good nights rest is in front of me.

Effy posted a fantastic new Art Journal page video.  Very inspiring, maybe tomorrow I will watch it again once I get up and try my own version of it.  Effy gives us the prompt “regeneration”, I could really use a bit regeneration myself right now.

Here is a link to Effy’s art journal video.  I am going to go and unwind now and play with a little paint and get started on some handmade business cards for the art walk, then off to bed.