May 23 2011 – Day 11

May 23 2011

Day 11

I was so excited for today’s post. So excited to show you all of the work I created this weekend, only to realize as I scanned one drawing in, that I spelled “rosey” wrong. Arg!

Oh well, guess this one is meant for me.

I did finish all 125 of the business cards I had started. However, I only mounted 5 of them on to the ATC sized cardboard. The cardboard is just not working for me. Maybe I will try some card-stock, but more likely I will leave them as they are.

I have only 3 more weekends before the ArtWalk and still so much I want to do. I dream of a day when I can afford to work just 2 days a week at my 10-6 job, when my children have moved out on their own and I can make art to my hearts content. But I still have a few years left playing breadwinner, single mom, friend and trying desperately to find a few extra hours in the day to create. I have not yet found the secret to balancing it all, I don’t think right now that it is even possible. In fact, at this very moment, Tiger is shoving himself in to my face and walking over my keyboard , demanding some love and attention.

I have still not gotten to my “rejuvenation” page for my art journal. But I will do it as soon as I am done this post, and have thrown in the laundry, and cooked dinner and bribed the teenager in to the shower, oh, and given the kitten the love and attention he feels he needs right now. I am sure I am missing a few more things.

I am positing the two drawings I finished this weekend as well as a selection of my favourite of the business cards I created yesterday. Open Office has decided to work again, and for that I am grateful.

I have made it 11 days into my 31 day journey. I am so proud!

Until tomorrow,

April 11 2011 – Spring Ahhhh…….

from April 11, 2011

So many ideas flying around in my brain right now and just not enough time to get them all out.

I have been busy having fun with zendoodles, new artwork, photographing finished artwork and of course getting outside and making the most of the warmer weather.

The ArtWalk is coming up in June so I have been busy coming up with ideas for the art sale.  Maybe some mini-paintings, definatley some works on paper and perhaps I will get some prints done up.  Not sure yet.

I lost my dear furry friend Pouff a couple of weeks ago and spent some time refecting and mourning his loss.  It is incredible how those furry critters become such a part of our hearts.  But of course, life goes on, and last week we adopted a new little ball of fur that my son has named Tiger.  I still feel lost in my studio without my Pouff McFluffy underfoot.

Last week I won a contest from Currys Art Store on Twitter.  I am excited to receive some very cool new art supplies to play with.  I have plans to do a video once they arrive.  Stay tuned.

Well, like I said, I have been busy creating, here is a random batch of pics of what I have been up to, along with a couple of wonderful spring shots of Daffodils I snapped up last week.

Have a wonderful week everyone!