April 25 2011 – Spring is in the Air

April 25 2011

Spring Is In The Air

I have finally completed editing and uploading my first edited video to YouTube. 

My most humble respect goes to those who edit and upload videos on a regular basis.  It truly was a long weekend project in every way.  Hopefully with a large chunk of my learning curve out of the way my next video will not take me three days to complete.  (And the video is only 5 minutes long!)

Now that that is out of the way, I can spend my final day of this beautiful long weekend making some art!  Just 9 more days until I leave on my adventure to see Aaron.  I am getting so excited to see him, and so excited to have my first real vacation in forever. 

Andrew and I spent some time at the park with Daisy yesterday and while we were walking we saw the Easter Bunny!  Well, ok, it was just a regular bunny running through the bush, but it was Easter Sunday after all.  We spent time playing on the swings and in the sand.  It was a wonderful afternoon. 

I did not have a great deal of success with the Polycolor or the CarbOthello pencils on my page.  The gel medium and acrylics on the page were not the best substrate for these beautiful pencils.  I will continue to play with them and share my experiences. 

So at last, here is the video!

March 20 2011 – New Work, More Stamps and a Few Journal Pages

March 20, 2011

New Work, More Stamps and a Few Journal Pages

I have realized, to my horror, that I have become a supplies snob.  I have been struggling with sticky pages and supplies that just will not behave how I want them too.  And then it struck me, go back to the simple and the cheap, quit fighting with the properties of the “name brand”  in my art journal, this is after all my art journal and not a piece of artwork that I will be sending home with someone. 

Do not get me wrong, I LOVE my artist grade supplies, but my art journal is my place to play and experiment and to feel free.  A place where I should not be limited by archival quality or lightfastness.  Wax crayons?  Why not.  Cheap craft paint?  It has so much filler that it dries matte and the pages do not need waxed paper sandwiched in between to keep them from sticking together.

And guess what, as soon as I realized what I was doing and pulled out the old cheap/kid supplies I felt free.  No need to worry about wasting the expensive art supplies, no stress about pages sticking together, no worries about block printing inks that bleed when I layer over them.  Its was like finding my favorite ratty comfy sweater at the back of the closet.  I might not wear it in public (most days) but it knows me and I know it, we are used to one another, no surprises;  just comfort and ease.

Sometimes I really am my own worst enemy.

March 9 2011 – Mid-Week Update

March 9, 2011

Mid-Week Update

I Have not finished an actual Journal page this week, but I did create several backgrounds in my journal with some handcarved stamps I created.  My favorite by far is the little bird, and the circles do make for an awesome background over black gesso. Check them out below!

PS:  Yay, its Wednesday, half way to the weekend!

March 6 2011 – The In-Between

March 6, 2011

The In-Between

Dreaming of Spring, but ice and snow are my reality.  Somehow my page fresh with spring colors and floral theme ended up being dripped in icy like frosted cards and fluries of snow.  I stepped back and laughed a little when I was done. 

It was not my intention to do this, but that is the beauty of free journaling.  Sometimes the reality pushes through the daydream.  This spread conveys my exact state of being today; dreaming of spring while shivering from the cold.  Oh how I long for mud puddles and green grass.

March 6 2011 – The Days are Getting Longer, But Not Warmer

March 6 2011

The Days are Getting Longer, But Not Warmer

It has been a long time (almost a whole year) since the last time I really got in to my art journal.  I have been feeling out of sorts lately (cabin fever) and was feeling too serious about the work I have been creating and decided to dig out a new journal and let it go.

It amazes me how the simplicity and freedom of art journaling can energize me creatively. 

June 5 2011 – New Paintings and an ACEO

June 5 2011

New Paitings and ACEO

I have been busy finishing up projects for the Artwalk.  This is the last weekend I can paint and have the paintings properly cured before the show. We also went to the river to enjoy some sand and sun. Daisy had a blast playing in the water. I delighted in walking barefoot in the warm sand and spending a bit of time with my nieces.

Spent yesterday making loads of lovely ACEO’s as well.  I am absolutely in love with my new Paris Bleedproof paper and Copic mulit-liners from Curry’s.

All of the ACEO’s have been done using Copic’s and are on bristolboard.  The larger pieces I have made for framing have been done on the archival Paris paper with Copic (which are acid free as well).

I adore how the work “Blossom” turned out.  Blossom is acrylic, acrylic ink, archival ink,  and Derwent’s wonderful Inktense blocks on a 10 x 10 inch cradled birch panel.

The second painting is a “work in progress”.  Still not sure where I am going next with this one.  This piece is on a larger 18 x 18 cradled birch panel.  I am hoping to get the finished pieces up on Etsy tonight sometime.

I am still fighting off the cold that knocked me down last week, but the worst of it is over.  Good thing, because I have no time to be resting on my laurels for the next couple of weeks.

Next Saturday I will be hitting the Roadhouse to listen to my favourite local band Drag On Down.  Looking forward to a night out with some live music.

I would really like to get another video out next weekend as well.  I think the next one will be a time lapse of one of my illustrations.  I get so lost in the doodle 🙂  Love it.

May 28 2011 – Busy Busy Saturday

May 28 2011

Busy Busy Saturday

Well, I owe you two extra days of catch up for the two days I missed while I was sick.  This morning I woke up feeling great, so I decided to make up for lost time.  I took the dog for a nice long walk first thing this morning, spent some time on the swings at the park, hit the local green house for some seeds and a few seedlings, and then  and I spent a good 12 hours digging up by garden patches, expanding two of them, weeding, tilling (by hand), and finally planting.  My body is blissfully sore and exhausted.

I can’t wait to start harvesting some fresh veggies.  I planted peas, carrots, bush beans, spinach, celery, green onion, kale, radish, zucchini (yellow and green), pickling cucumbers, slicing cucumbers, cabbage, tomatoes and of course pumpkin.

The flowers were so much easier; petunias, daisys, pansies, and geraniums.

Tomorrow I need to plant the strawberry plants Andrew picked out, dig up a spot and plant some sunflowers, plant my ruhbarb and maybe dig up one more spot for some more peas for the kids to snack on over the summer.  Perhaps tomorrow I might even get some art made.  Perhaps tomorrow I will not be able to move out of my bed.  We will see.

My youngest son got his first job today as shop boy at a local automotive repair shop.  He started on the spot and looked a bit stunned and tired when he came home.  I am so proud.  A summer job in an environment he loves will be so good for him.  (and Saturdays will be so blissfully quiet for me 🙂

My oldest son was picked for leadership training for Cadets for three weeks this summer.  I am so proud of my kids 🙂
  And, Aaron will be here in just a few weeks for his summer visit.  What a freaking awesome day!

My mind however, is on overdrive.  I am going to go and  sit in bed with my sketchbook and sketch until my brain catches up with my body.

Ok, must skeedattle,

until tomorrow!

May 25 2011 – The Sickly Animal Skin I Wear

May 25 2011

The Sickly Animal Skin I Wear

Feeling trapped by the constraints of my very animal body. My mind and my soul want to be doing so much more than this sickly animal skin will allow.

I have reached a point of absolute frustration with the way in which my body seems so very unconnected from the rest of me.  I do not want to ache, hurt, and erupt and cramp and bloat, and swell , be so damn tired and exhausted after  a day in the office that I become incapable of everything else I want to do afterwards. To feel so  bound by these limitations.  I want to know what is going on so that I can take care and fix it.  I want my body and I to be syncronus, to work well with one another.  I am only 35 for crying out loud, there is so much I want to be doing, exploring, learning, experiencing, yet this dammed body is sick, tired and achy.  I do not like it when I have not reached this point of “you have to stop whether you like it or not”. I always feel like I am battling  something.  Like there is always something waiting for my immune system to waiver just enough to  slip-up and let it through.  I can not accept that this is just peri-menopause, that I should continue to suck it up and do what I can. It is has to be something else, something more.
That said, I get very emotional when I am sick,  can you tell?

After I wrote the above I did go and see my doctor, where I had another melt down and left armed with a battery of blood work to have done.  I pray to the universe that something shows up this time and can give me some sort of answer.  I am sure that this body would like to have some answers and feel better too.

May 22 2011 – Production Line

May 22 2011

Production Line

Apparentley the regeneration I needed was creativity.  Last night I decided to start on the handmade business cards I wanted to make for the Art Walk, and well, at 6 am I forced myself to go to bed.  Sometimes art just does that to me, it wraps me, envelopes me, pushes and drives me.

I did manage to sleep until noon, and as soon as I got up I remembered my awesome project, put on some coffee and dove right back in.  It is pouring rain outside today, so all of my outdoor weekend plans have been put aside and the production line is in full force.

Here are a few shots of what I have so far.  I am making 125 of these and will mount them on ATC sized corrugated cardbord (yep, gotta cut those out too).   and I am already sure they are totally worth all of the work.

Warning, I am including a shot of what happens to my desk when the creative frenzy takes over. 🙂  This is precisly the reason that I cover my work area in freezer paper and why my walls, my coffee cups, my fingernails and everything else end up covered in a layer of paint.  Ahh, such a beautiful mess (at least to me).

Have a beautiful productive day, or find your own way to regenerate.

PS: please excuse the spelling, openoffice will not open for some reason and my blog editor has no spell checker, I will have to look into it later.

May 21 2011

Down Time

Not much done in the way of art today.  I have been fighting with allergies and lack of sleep.  Hopefully a good nights rest is in front of me.

Effy posted a fantastic new Art Journal page video.  Very inspiring, maybe tomorrow I will watch it again once I get up and try my own version of it.  Effy gives us the prompt “regeneration”, I could really use a bit regeneration myself right now.

Here is a link to Effy’s art journal video.  I am going to go and unwind now and play with a little paint and get started on some handmade business cards for the art walk, then off to bed.