New Video Tutorial – Easy UpCycled Painted Denim Earrings

New Video Tutorial – Reclaimed Denim Earrings – a fun and easy DIY project

DIY Upcycled Painted Denim Earrings

The latest project up on my YouTube channel will have you crafting and upcycling some amazing, colorful and SUPER EASY DIY earrings.  I think my favorite by far is the watercolory (yup, that is a word, I just made it up)  fringe earrings, but I am thrilled with how all of them turned out.  I think are not only a great craft project for kids, teens and the young at heart, but would also be a great item to craft up to sell at markets and fairs.  My niece has already gotten her hands on the earrings I made for this video and claimed them for herself!

Upcycled denim Watercolory Earrings

This is only the first of several projects in the works with my kids old torn up blue jeans, so stay tuned and make sure to subscribe!

Supplies List

  • Scrap denim – 2 pieces
  • Gel Medium (if you want the denim to show)Acrylic paint
  • Paint brushes
  • Scissors
  • Permanent markers
  • Paint markers or paint pens (I used Sakura Souffle in White)
  • Ear Wires
  • Jump rings
  • Push pin
  • Pliers

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DIY Upcycled Painted Denim Earrings MyPaintedPath.comHappy creating everyone!



AIC Free Full Length Workshop – Make an Easy, Beautiful Textured Art Work

Follow along as I show you how to make your own version of this!


This one is a DOOZY! You can join me in a FREE full length video workshop (click on the video below).  You can easily make a beautiful work of art with a few tools and supplies. (*kids get your parents help and permission with this project).  I hope you have as much fun making your own as I did 🙂

Follow along as I create a mixed media artwork from start to finish. Even a beginner can create a masterpiece!
We start by creating our own “glue gun” stencils that we will use to add pattern and texture to our AMAZING artwork. Follow along as I show you step-by-step how to make an original AMAZING mixed media artwork.

Share your masterpieces in the Adventures in Creativity Facebook group.  Click here for the links

Textured Art Workshop January 31 2017 – Click to download the supplies list in a printable PDF

Full Supplies List

8 * 10 inch picture frame with glass from the dollar store
8 x 10 inch canvas panel (also from the dollar store)
pencil and 1 sheet of paper (any paper will do)
Glue gun and glue sticks
1 tsp vegatable oil (as a release for our stencils)
Acrylic texture paste (can also use a heavy gel medium or polyfil type wall spackle (look for the “flexible” type)
White gesso
Assorted paints/acrylic inks. I used the following colors: raw umber, phthalo blue, phthalo green, cream (titan buff), paynes grey (a bluey black)
Glazing medium * not necessary but nice to have (I used golden glazing medium in matte)
Liquitex gloss medium and varnish
Spatula or spreader tool (not for food use)
Paper towel
Spray bottle with water
Assorted paint brushes

You can also watch all of the Adventures in Creativity videos on my YouTube Channel here.

Happy Adventuring!

What the Heck is Mixed Media?

Copyright Lori Lynn Fell. All Rights Reserved

What exactly is Mixed Media?

Mixed media is a VERY broad term in visual arts that means an artwork that has been created with more than one medium (material). Mixed media art has been my passion since I first began playing with paint and my creativity ten years ago.  I do create exclusively acrylic artworks, but I must admit, I am most free and blissed out when I am playing with mixed media.  The very best way I can describe mixed media to you is that it is making art WITHOUT all of the uppity, snooty, fine art rules.  Mixed media as an art practice means playing, experimenting and getting lost in your creativity.  You can follow me along on my mixed media art adventures; watching how I work, learning the tools I use and hearing my suggestions for the limited “rules” I give myself when I create in a mixed media format, but ultimately the journey is personal and it will be different for everyone.

Mixed media is color, and texture, and depth, and touching the artwork, and thinking outside the box, and oh so many, many things.

Finding My Wings – Copyright Lori Lynn Fell 2017

Mixed Media is EXCITING

Mixed media is exciting! It means never doing the same thing twice, never really knowing what you will end up with, growing as a creator and having fun.   Mixed media is now being explored by scrapbook artists, it has become its very own “genre” of journaling, it can be incorporated into sculpture, collage, fabric arts and yes, fine art.  Because there are no “rules”, the possibilities are endless! Type “mixed media” in to your browsers search engine and be prepared to be amazed.

  • Take a canvas; apply some paper to it, glue it down with some gel medium and wash some color over it and …BAMM…you have created a mixed media artwork.
  • Grab an old apron, glue some gems to it…BAMM…you now have a mixed media apron!
  • Add some gold leaf to a print or a photo…BAMM…mixed media!
  • Have some watercolor paper on hand?  Get a stencil, spread some texture paste or gel medium on it, add some stamps on the page….BAMM…MIXED MEDIA!  Now do some sketching on top of it all and sand some of it back, and drip some wet paint on it…..whoa, yeah baby, mixed media on fire 🙂

Mixed Media is a Playground

Mixed media is a playground. It is my therapy.  It is a place for me to pour out my soul and let the stress of life float away.  Mixed media is for EVERYONE. If you have not already joined in the fun, make sure to check out the FREE Adventures in Creativity Workshop series on my YouTube Channel.  Click here for the links to join in on the adventures.

bad phone photo of “House Hunting” copyright Lori Lynn Fell 2017

Substrate is Just a Fancy Word for Surface – A Video

Adventures in Creativity – Basics Series Video 2 | Substrates

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season.  My sister made Christmas dinner for the first time ever this year and she ROCKED it!  I think I am still full two days later.  There is nothing like a great family dinner and some time with the family and their little ones to make the holidays perfect.

Part 2 in the Adventures in Creativity Basic Series is up and running.  Part 2 is a short video introducing you to the most basic of the surfaces (or substrates as artists call them) that you will often use when making mixed media art.

I talk a bit about the different surfaces I use, such as: canvas panels, cradled canvas, cradled birch panels, papers and journals.  Make sure to check it out!

You can watch part one (a basic “supplies list” if you are taking part in the FREE Adventures in Creativity series) here.

In the next video I will be covering the basic paint brushes I use when I create mixed media art and when working in my art journal, and it will be up sometime in the next 24 hours.  I am hoping to have all 10 videos up before I return to classes next week 🙂 The holiday break from school has been wonderful and productive, but I am longing to dive back in to some school work.  I did manage to complete a couple of new pieces of art over the break and have made some good progress on others.  I am waiting to get some new (proper) lights so that I can take great shots of my artwork to share with you and I hope to have them in the next couple of weeks. (sooooo excited for them!).

So enjoy the video – there are only 4 days left to 2017 and I have been preparing to keep you busy with exciting adventures in the year ahead.  I can’t wait, there is just so much to share 🙂

Make Your Own File Folder Journal – A DIY Video

Make Your Own File Folder Journal – A DIY Video

Better late than never! Here is a video I posted waaayyy back in 2016 showing you how I made my File Folder Art Journal.  Check it out by clicking on the image above!


  • Waxed Dental Floss
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • 1 meter (3 feet) of ribbon of your choice
  • Canvas for cover – or any other heavy fabric like an old pair of jeans
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Punching Tool (a thumbtack works too)
  • 15 Manila or White File Folders
  • Gesso or white craft paint to prep pages
  • Acrylic paint if you wish to decorate your cover

Have fun!


Join Me on a Creative Adventure (Free E-Series)

Do you want to join me on a creative adventure?

It is my birthday today, but I want to give a gift to you!

The Creative Adventures are underway!

I have been busy preparing a series of FREE videos for those preparing to go on a creative adventure with me, I will be offering workshops and tutorials starting very soon (I have already filmed the first one (wink)). I will be making these available on my YouTube channel. You can subscribe to it by clicking here, and subscribe to my email list and Facebook page while you are at it so you do not miss out on any of the fun! Click the image above to learn more.

Who can join the adventure?

Anyone can join the adventure! This is designed for everyone, at any skill level.  We will be exploring all kinds of magical projects; painting, crafting, journaling, learning and sharing, challenges and more. If you are more advanced in your creative skills, don’t worry, there will be intermediate and advanced content coming soon.

The “basics” series will feature a number of short, informative and fun videos to help you get set-up and ready for our many creative adventures ahead.  I AM SO EXCITED TO FINALLY BE GETTING THIS OFF THE GROUND!

The Creative Adventures Series (and I have a lot of adventures planned for us) will begin once I have all of the “basics” series of videos posted.  I will be sharing more about the creative adventure series in the weeks to come.  Yay!

Do you want to join me in the journey?

The Basics Series:

Here are some examples of what you can expect to find in the Getting Started Series.

  • Basic supplies list
  • What surface should I use?
  • Brushes
  • Paints
  • Glues and mediums
  • Tools: heat gun, protecting your work area
  • Tools: pens, pencils and other drawing implements
  • Extras: Stencils, ephemera, stamps
  • Extras: Freebies and other amazing tools you may have in the house
  • Extras: Fixative, varnish
  • Safety in the studio
  • Taking care of your supplies and tools, what you need to know

So make sure to stay tuned, these will be live very soon! And again, if you do not want to miss out on the fun make sure to subscribe!

Is there a particular video you would like to see? Let me know!

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Hello Again

The best laid plans…..or so it goes.  Once upon a time, I had a dream, and lofty goals and great plans.  And then life turned upside down and nothing went as planned, and for awhile, everything turned to shit.  Right now I am not ready to go in to the thick of it, but it is getting better.  Slowly I can once again feel the ground beneath my feet and while I am slowly beginning to feel that yearning and longing for those dreams again, I am certainly no longer the Lori Lynn of March 2016.  Once upon a time I foolishly thought I had it figured out, and then I fell flat on my face.  Trauma can come at us in many different forms.  Once upon a 2016 I felt as though I was atop a mountain, looking out at the great wonders ahead of me and then unexpectedly a sinkhole swallowed me, and that mountain, and my dreams and goals.  I know, very vague and metaphoric ;), but I am a college student now, and I can use the creative writing practice (more about that amazing turn of events another time).

What I can say, is that the desire to create is once again alive and well, I have been playing with paint more so than I have been painting.  I am letting myself paint for the love of it, for the healing it brings me.  I have been exploring, re-examining and re-evaluating the role art plays in my life.  For a long period of time I was unable to paint, to create, or even to write.   I couldn’t bring myself to express the blackness and despair, it just hurt too much.  So I had to let it go for awhile and try to heal.   I am only 50% of the way back, but I am getting there.  The wounds are still fresh, and I have to tread lightly for now, I do not know what direction my art will take from here, I have to let it come organically.  I still have those lofty dreams of teaching and inspiring and working with others to let art heal them, but right now, I need to let it heal me.  And it is, and now that I have finally put words to this page, perhaps I can once again begin sharing with you.

bad phone photo of “House Hunting” copyright Lori Lynn Fell 2017
Work In Progress copyright Lori Lynn Fell 2017

Life is Moving at Lightning Speed

If things did not change, there would be no butterfiles
If things did not change, there would be no butterflies

Moving day is fast approaching!  I have been officially self-employed for almost a week now and it is AMAZING!  Tomorrow my son is leaving for our new home with what is left of our “stuff”.  I have spent the past week doing a major purge, and it feels great to let go of so much “stuff”.  I have edited, and edited and edited my belongings to fit in my future “tiny home”.  Life is moving lightning fast and it is amazing.  I took the day off yesterday to enjoy the beautiful weather and take a bit of a breather.  I am feeling jazzed and ready to go today.

It feels good to shake things up and open myself up to new possibilities.  I am super excited to spend some more time with my Dad this year, he is an amazing man with a quiet and gentle soul, an incredible gardener and builder and I can not wait to learn from him and hang out with him!  Bonus, my son finally gets some much-needed Grandpa time too!  There are so many wonderful things to look forward to with this move that I can hardly contain my excitement.  Actually, I can not contain it AT ALL!

Last week was my last Creativity Class here in Fort Nelson for the next while, and we had a stellar time!  I am so grateful for all of the amazing people who can out to get creative with me over the past year.  I have learned so much from my AMAZING students.  Thank you all for sharing with me!

My course goes into beta testing this week.  I am so excited to launch it once I arrive in Rose Prairie.  I am slowly pecking away at getting this new website thing figured out, it has been a bit of a struggle switching to this entirely new program, but I will be able to do so much more with it in the end.  Tabitha, the ROCKSTAR, is coming to help me get it figured out this weekend!

If you have not already done so, please make sure to sign up for newsletters and updates from my new blog, Living UP.  For the next little while, this is where my main focus will be until I have it established.  The painting is taking a brief hiatus for the time being, but the creativity will never stop!

I Have Five Original Paintings to Give Away and I Need Your Help

Gratitude Give Away

As many of you already know, I am moving soon.  While I do plan on having a sale for subscribers to my email list with My Painted Path and Living UP , (if you subscribe to each list, you will have double the opportunity to receive special offers, freebies and discounts specific to each of my sites) I would like to use this as an opportunity to share some love for deserving people.

I am asking you to nominate someone to be a recipient of one of these paintings.  These paintings are worth between $150 – $500 each!  How AWESOME would it be to thank someone who has made a difference in your life!

Who is the first person that comes to mind that you know to be AWESOME and INSPIRING and DESERVING of some recognition and gratitude?

Tell me who, and why, and how to contact you.  You can send me your stories and nominations to  Nominations will close at Midnight (PST) on February 29, 2016.

Once the winners are chosen and their shipping information is determined, I will be asking for donations to cover shipping costs only.  Those of you that would like to and can afford to will have an opportunity to help share the love as well.

Also, I would like to send a personal message of thanks to each person nominated, even those that do not win, so please help me by providing me with lots of lovely gushy reasons why this person is so special.

Yay!  I can’t wait to read your nominations!