Summer is here and so are the live classes!

I am officially finished with school for the summer and I am on my way to Fort Nelson to offer some creativity classes and some great weekend workshops.

I will be teaching my first full weekend workshop on May 25, 26 and 27 and I am super excited to get the creative energy pumped up and help fellow artists begin to sell their amazing creations.

I was up in Fort Nelson last week for the Peace Liard Regional Juried Art Exhibit (which is AMAZING and can be visited at the Phoenix Theatre until May 24th) and I was able to get some art up on the walls for sale at the New Gourmet Girl, the Fort Nelson Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Info Centre and next week I will be plastering the walls at All Lashed Up as well (I ran out of art and had to pop back down to Dawson Creek to make some more).  I have secured a great space to offer new Creativity Classes this summer as well as  to host a couple of weekend workshops.  I am really hoping to get the amazing creators in Fort Nelson together for a community art showcase sometime in August and if you are interested in helping to make this happen send me an email! lori@mypaintedpath.com.

I was so excited to see the creative community alive and thriving in Fort Nelson!  Cam and Tova have quite an impressive set up to get you creating at The Make Studio. They offer classes and sell incredible creations from local artists and artisans, the Visitor Centre is PACKED with great handmade creations, Kristen at All Lashed Up and Amanda at The New Gourmet Girl are also providing local artists space to sell their work.  It is really incredible! I still have so much to see and check out when I get back up there.  If you have any suggestions of where I need to go and what I need to see, please let me know.  A number of local artists are also being showcased at the Phoenix Theatre for the RJAE until May 24th.

I can’t wait to get messy with everyone and I am super stoked to announce a very big workshop happening in just a couple of weeks, Passion to Profit, May 25, 26 and 27th. Click here for more information.  or you can download the workshop poster here: passion to profit poster 

Must get packing so I can be back on the road tomorrow with all of the goodies I have to bring to Fort Nelson.