Woo Hoo!

It is not even close to perfect, but the site rebuild is nearing completion and I am SO happy!  Changing the site will allow me to bring you great new features in the future and there are BIG things in the works for My Painted Path.  This spring I will have workbooks and courses available on the site.  And some of them will be FREEBIES!  It is going to be AMAZING!

I have been studying, planning and working like a mad woman for the past few weeks.  I think it may actually be beginning to leak out of my brain at this point and I am going to try to give myself a day off tomorrow.

It is only 6 weeks now until I will officially be done with my regular employment and will begin the journey of fulfilling a few more of my biggest dreams.  I LOVE the process of reaching my goals almost as much as I love hitting them.  The only art making I have managed in the past couple of weeks has been more of a vision painting that I am creating for myself to help keep me focused on the hard work and the rewards ahead.

Tuesday, February 2nd  we will be making  “String Art Hearts” at Whimsy’s Creativity Class.  I can not wait to see what INCREDIBLE creations everyone will come up with this time.  Here are a few shots of the AWESOMENESS our creative Goddesses made with wood slices at the last class.



Until next time!