I Have Five Original Paintings to Give Away and I Need Your Help

Gratitude Give Away

As many of you already know, I am moving soon.  While I do plan on having a sale for subscribers to my email list with My Painted Path and Living UP , (if you subscribe to each list, you will have double the opportunity to receive special offers, freebies and discounts specific to each of my sites) I would like to use this as an opportunity to share some love for deserving people.

I am asking you to nominate someone to be a recipient of one of these paintings.  These paintings are worth between $150 – $500 each!  How AWESOME would it be to thank someone who has made a difference in your life!

Who is the first person that comes to mind that you know to be AWESOME and INSPIRING and DESERVING of some recognition and gratitude?

Tell me who, and why, and how to contact you.  You can send me your stories and nominations to lori@mypaintedpath.com.  Nominations will close at Midnight (PST) on February 29, 2016.

Once the winners are chosen and their shipping information is determined, I will be asking for donations to cover shipping costs only.  Those of you that would like to and can afford to will have an opportunity to help share the love as well.

Also, I would like to send a personal message of thanks to each person nominated, even those that do not win, so please help me by providing me with lots of lovely gushy reasons why this person is so special.

Yay!  I can’t wait to read your nominations!

The Secret is OUT!

The Secret is OUT 800 x 800px-1


I have not been busy creating “artworks” for the past month, I have been incredibly busy working on another passion of mine.

Today is the day!  Today I am announcing to the world the project I have been working my ass off for the past month and a half.  Are you ready?  It is big!

I wrote a book!  And best of all, when it is ready, it will be a FREE ebook!  YUP, totally free!   While I can not share the book (It’s All UP From Here- Giving Life to Your WILDEST DREAMS) with you yet (it is in the hands of my editor)  it is only PART of the awesomeness I am working towards right now.

My latest creative project is UP.  UP is based on the aforementioned book, but it is so much more.  UP is about reaching your most incredible and freaking awesome goals, it is also about inspiration and living the best life possible for you.

The art will be slow coming over the next couple of months while I focus my energies on getting UP, UP and running.   By the spring, after we move and the book and online courses launch, I will have a bit of time to get back to my other passion, painting.

Please check out UP and join the facebook group to stay up to date on all of the INCREDIBLE AWESOMENESS that is going on there!  Make sure to sign UP on the website so that you will be the first to know when the ebook is available.  EEEEKKKK!  I am so excited!


Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/dreamUPliveUP/

Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2218533541619097/

Website: http://www.LivingUP.ca

LivingUP SM Square 800 x 800


Sparks, Dreams and Inspiration

Today was a play day.  You could have called it a work day, but it was one of those days when I was so engaged in what I was doing that it felt more like play.  I love days like those!

I spent the day planning for our move.  I started by making a rough cardboard model of my new tiny home/studio.  I want to make sure that I can easily fit and function in a 8 x 16 foot tiny space.  Building a model allows me to play with window placement, getting an idea of where my work spaces will be to maximize natural lighting,  to plan out my custom furniture so that it will function to capacity and it allows me to better understand the tasks ahead.  There is also the added bonus that it is also a lot of fun to make your own dream house.  Can I fit a wash tub? How can I maximize storage and make my studio area optimize my time?   Having a visual object to focus on also allows me to work out potential problems and challenges.

From there, I went on to plan my materials budget, timeline, etc.  I planned out my financial needs for the time I will need to build and prepare.  I made a list of the things I can prepare ahead of time.  The fewer trips I have to make to town for supplies, the more money I can use to make my tiny home perfect for me.  Working on my budget was exciting!  I can see when I will make my final cable payment, I can see how the money for this is coming together.

Tomorrow the first small load of my belongings will be heading to the farm to wait for my arrival.  One more step towards the goal.  YAY!

But by far, the best part of my day, was getting my 17 year old son truly engaged in what we are doing.  Watching me build and plan,  pulled him into what I was doing.  It opened a dialog about dreams and how we can achieve them.  Now, not only were we working on my dreams, but he began to start setting his own goals and dreams.  If you have ever tried to teach your child to budget and save money, you know how much information gets absorbed after the eye roll.  Getting him engaged and excited about this is far more effective.

The more we talked, the more the ideas exploded!  I was able to coach him to speak as if these things are going to happen, instead of using if’s and when’s. Before I know it he is taking about the other courses he needs to take, what truck he needs, he started a list of the tools he will be buying and putting in that truck, even the safety equipment he wants to have in it.  Soon he is showing me examples of what his shop will look like and talking about where he wants to buy land to put it and why.  We begin discussing budgeting, hard work, credit, insurance,  preparation, etc.

It was AMAZING to watch as ideas “sparked” and to see the hope and inspiration that this is generating for him.  I can not wait to see my kids achieve their dreams! I can not wait to achieve more of mine.  I am truly blessed and life is INCREDIBLE!  It is all up from here.

How do you dream?  How do you plan to make those dreams come true?  Do you use visual aids to focus on those goals?  I would love to hear how you do it.

December 3 2015 Spellbinder

Spellbinder by Lori Lynn Fell

Welcome December!

November was a crazy busy month for me and I have just taken a couple of days to regroup and relax.  My fire is restored and I am ready to take on December!

I have been asked to keep up the Magic in the Moonlight show through to the end of the year, so if you have not had a chance to check it out there is still time!  The sold pieces will be replaced through out the month, so no worries that you will miss out on anything.   I am also fortunate enough to be the “Artist of the Month” at Whimsy Flowers for December, so be sure to stop by and see what I have available for sale there.

Thank you so much to the Fort Nelson News (Judith, Abigale and Kathy Smith xxxxx) for your incredible support!  Kathy Smith wrote the above article for our local paper and it even made the front page!  What an incredible opportunity to share in this forum with the community.

While “Spellbinder” (opening image) is no longer available, prints will be available in the new year.

Have a great week everyone!

Woo Hoo!

It is not even close to perfect, but the site rebuild is nearing completion and I am SO happy!  Changing the site will allow me to bring you great new features in the future and there are BIG things in the works for My Painted Path.  This spring I will have workbooks and courses available on the site.  And some of them will be FREEBIES!  It is going to be AMAZING!

I have been studying, planning and working like a mad woman for the past few weeks.  I think it may actually be beginning to leak out of my brain at this point and I am going to try to give myself a day off tomorrow.

It is only 6 weeks now until I will officially be done with my regular employment and will begin the journey of fulfilling a few more of my biggest dreams.  I LOVE the process of reaching my goals almost as much as I love hitting them.  The only art making I have managed in the past couple of weeks has been more of a vision painting that I am creating for myself to help keep me focused on the hard work and the rewards ahead.

Tuesday, February 2nd  we will be making  “String Art Hearts” at Whimsy’s Creativity Class.  I can not wait to see what INCREDIBLE creations everyone will come up with this time.  Here are a few shots of the AWESOMENESS our creative Goddesses made with wood slices at the last class.



Until next time!